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Rabu, 31 Juli 2013

Reflection on Liberation Theology

Reflection on Liberation Theology. 
Name : Naomi Fortuna

Salvation is the central theme of the Christian History. It is a cure for our sin and embraces all men and the whole man through liberating act of Christ which changes human history and destiny. God in the bible is God who reveals Himself through historical events. He is a God who saves His people. God send His son in the flesh to liberate all men from all slavery of sin to become His own people. Christian life is a passover, a transition from sin to grace, a changing life, a liberation from the old life to a new life in Christ.
God's plan of salvation in human life is before the creation of the world. God's plan of salvation is interlink with the creation account and the history of human life. God the Creator is God of Redeemer. The bible is the story of God who save the fallen world. God who liberates His people from the bondage of the death of sin, bring them into a new life as His people who live under His Kingdom authority.
The story of Exodus in the Old Testament is one of the story which sketched out the liberating experience of Israel, people of God, from slavery in Egypt. Egypt is the land of slavery, brutality, repression, alienated work, humiliations and misery. God has seen and heard the suffering, the misery and the outcry of His people. God took His people out of Egypt to freed them from the bondage of the slavery and brought them to become His very own people who live under His protection and order.

The ultimate and the final work of God's salvation is in the Work of Jesus Christ. God Himself incarnated into human life to save His own people. Christ work of salvation on the cross liberates all men from all kind of bondage of sin in this world throughout all conditions, all ages and all places in human history. The power of His suffering, His death on the cross and His resurrection freed men and women of God from all the derive of sin: the world of injustice, oppressed, hatred, unrighteousness, human selfishness, etc. Christ's power enabled them to live free as people of God.  

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