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Rabu, 17 Februari 2010

Doa 27 Juli 2009

Dear heavenly Father,
thank You for your blessing today that I've accepted.
I want to thanked You for our staff morning prayer this morning, for our sharing, our prayer that we have raised this morning.
Thanks for today office staff's coordination with Antuk, Ida, Vanny and Danny. We have learned, talked a lot of things which is important to this ministry.
Also thanks for the chance You give to lead a Bible Study in student's fellowship. We talk about Daniel, with the theme about “Dare to be different”. I praised God for the chance to spread the Word of God in student ministry. Considering them to keep their faith in this very different world. I thank God because I have acquainted with the member committee of PSKY. Some of them I've not known yet. It was a very amazing time to be acquainted with them all.
And also the time when I met Lingga on the noon, it was a graceful time. You give me another chance to spread Your gospel to another district. We will have an appointment to preach at GKJ Klaten's youth fellowship on next Sunday at 10 am.
At Five o'clock, we started our English class. We have a review for structure, tenses. And also we have a grammar test on the place. And a take home test, the test that we will done it at home.
The grammar test is a kind of difficult one test, tricky and difficult. I don't know about the result.. may be we have not so bad result.. but i don't want to boast of the result.
After that course, we have had our dinner together with some friends : Iwan, Nia, Ida. We talked much about church, film, the bible. It was a very interesting discussion, so we were not realized that the time ran away :). We went back to our rent room at 9 pm.
And before I go to sleep, I try to listen to music, and write down the lyrics of the song I heard. Then, I read my bible, and at the middle of my reading, I want to pray. I feel something interfered with my heart. I feel, i almost boasting my self for the activity I get. I get the point, I have not yet give thanks to God for all that He has given to me the whole of this day. It is like all that I did based on my ability. But that is wrong attitude. It's His grace, and given by Him with His love and pity to me. I'm sorry for my impudent to do and think to be self centris.
I confess my sin, Father. It's not by me, all that I've done today. It's all by You and the works of Your hands. So I give thanks for all the time of sharing of life with my friends. All the time and the presence of Yours in a small or big thing we've faced.
Thanks you Father... This night, to close the night I want to say thank You for all the goodness that You've given today. It was so grateful!
In the Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ who has saved the lost world I pray. Amen

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